Why It Works

Why It Works


How can Holistic Harmony AZ help you?

By definition, anything that is stressful creates an imbalance in your energy system. This imbalance can manifest itself in unwelcome symptoms or even disease.


Doing an energy correction means identifying what is stressing you and re-balancing your energy system in the presence of that stressor. A stressor is anything that gets in the way of good physical, emotional or intellectual function. Stressors can include life experiences (emotional, mental or physical), genetic make-up, exposure to chemical pollutants, poor diet choices, etc.


When the underlying stressors are identified and addressed through energy work, the symptoms go away! The goal of Holistic Harmony AZ is for you to remain energy balanced in the face of any experience.



The importance of energy in the body…

Energy forms the blueprint that underlies our physical existence. Our physical well-being is a direct reflection of the state of this underlying energy blueprint.


When a body is functioning properly, the brain is able to determine the inside and outside energy needed, how much is needed, and where in the body it is needed. The appropriate pressure points are then adjusted to feed energy into meridians. The energy circulates through the meridians and is released through the meridian walls in to the tissues. Here, the energy does its intended job and is then re-radiated out of the body.


If the body is not functioning properly, the energy destined for a specific area may become distorted or may not arrive at all. Imbalances in the energy system can be the precursors of disease.


The flow of energy in the meridians can be disturbed by imbalances from many aspects of life, such as, nutrition, emotions, thoughts, chemical or electromagnetic pollution, relationships, etc.