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*Legal Disclaimer

Holistic Harmony AZ does not claim or attempt to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. Yet, Holistic Harmony AZ can identify and correct underlying energy imbalances and disturbances that adversely affect body organs or systems. Holistic Harmony AZ works to restore the natural energy balance of the meridian system. When these imbalances are corrected, many clients find permanent improvement or relief.

Only your body knows whether you can achieve 100% healing. Your practitioner can muscle test for an expected percentage of healing, which often depends on your willingness to incorporate lifestyle/dietary changes. If you have sustained major tissue/organ damage, energy corrections may not be able to overcome all damage to achieve optimal function.

Holistic Harmony AZ can and should be a powerful complement to traditional medical care, as well as, other natural therapies. Therefore, anyone can benefit from the application of Holistic Harmony AZ, Health Kinesiology, Aromatherapy or any other type of holistic therapy received.