About Us

"My journey has been amazing and continues.
I would love to assist you in your journey to better health."

- Stacey

My journey into the Holistic Health field really took a turn in 2010. Prior to this I had learned and dabbled for my personal interest, education, and health. In April of 2010 my youngest son became extremely ill. After repeated trips to the Physicians, multiple tests and waiting on results I contacted a Holistic Practitioner that I was seeing for my own emotional trauma and healing.


I asked her if she could please help. After spending time with him she was quickly able to get us on the right path to assisting his body to heal, treating the cause and not the symptoms. Finally three weeks later the Doctors drew the same conclusions. Thankfully by that time we had already started repairing things naturally.


This woman was my encouragement and inspiration into getting trained. I learned Holistic Harmony to take care of my own family. As I started working on family and then friends and seeing how much it changed people’s lives I wanted to continue this journey and share it with everyone.

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